This website is an independent location for me (Tristan F Johns) to publish idea. Everything expressed is of my own opinion (and may no longer be my opinion) and does not reflect the opinion of my employer or anyone in my network.

For the time being, this is the only official website that reflects my work.

Who is Tristan

It's almost silly to think I could express who I am or what I'm like in a paragraph. Still, for the sake of connection, I will try to. It might be fun to start with the pop-psychology. 16Personalities says I'm an INFJ. In astrology I'm a Taurus or Taurean. I don't know if these things mean anything but to some people they do, so they're included. Otherwise, I'd say I'm a thinker. I've always had an automatic desire to question nearly everything. This curiosity brought me in close proximity with information technology, reading and writing on the computer or finding videos in my free time. From around middle school to high school I was mainly focused on researching information technology. I especially liked information security, but everything around IT was captivating. I experimented with Linux and networking. It should be mentioned, IT wasn't my only interest during this time, just one of the main ones. I've also been a lifelong questioner of nature, language, economics, physics. During my explorations of these, I found bitcoin, sometime after high school. Bitcoin triggered a series of questions that brought me closer to Philosophy. I believe I have always appreciated Philosophy, I just never knew exactly what it was until that revelation. After that, my attention shifted from information technology to Philosophy. Stoicism was the first school of thought I explored, and it motivated me to learn more and more, having faith that these diverse people had value to impart. Information technology (and information itself) is still something often on my mind, but recently it's been in a less technical sense and more theoretical. I think the biggest thing I have learned in the past decade or so is that this reality is stranger than it seems. So, if you equate "who someone is" to "where their attention is usually placed", then I hope this gives you an idea.